Property Management


Advertise your property :
We guarantee ad delivery of your property for rent on internet and paper media at local and national level as well as through billboards.

You offer a 20% discount on compulsory up diagnostics for rent :
In partnership with a firm of building surveys (General Services) we are able to make you a discount of 20%.

A rigorous assessment of applications for rent :
We demand the creation of a mandatory comprehensive record of each candidate.

Perform the tenant's option :
We let you choose the tenant if you wish. Your choice will be made by means of acceptable dossier we have previously done for the safety of your income. For all the measures relating to the establishment of a new tenant, we earn fees agency equivalent to half a month's rent (the amount is collected only once and only each entry of a new tenant).

Formula of "flexible" management :
Our management fees are collected monthly and include all of our current mission (Calls rent, receipts, expense accruals, update home insurance quotes for repairs or work procedures CAF, ...). We can offer you different extra service like: land declaration, the construction management of the estimate has the keys ... The one unpaid rent insurance (GLI OR G.RL.) subscription is not included in our management and we are, however, only very occasionally favorable, for us the best insurance lies above all in the precision and seriousness that we are at your service to select your tenants.

Monthly payment of your rent :
We deposit the rent each month and send you a statement corresponding stewardship.

Before carrying out any work or repairs :
After identifying the work or repairs are legally your responsibility and not that of the tenant, we will notify you systematically and whatever their size or nature. We then conduct quote and you give free choice to decide to give us the steps to take or make the changes yourself. Whatever it is you alone who will decide the way forward.

Immediate implementation of the recovery procedure in the event of default :
We are particularly vigilant at the right rent payment each month (reminder of the amount due at the beginning of the month, recovery from the 10 implementation of outstanding lease amounts charged from 20th). In the event of default we trigger the procedure by sending a notice by registered post in the second month of non-payment immediately and also increasing our physical visits to the tenant. In the event of legal proceedings We are making the necessary arrangements on your behalf.